The Marriage Builder helps you build a stronger & happier marriage

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If you are married, there are few things in the world that can make your life happier or more challenging than your marriage. The Marriage Builder is an online application that helps you build the strongest and happiest marriage you can.

A Marriage Builder subscription is just $9 a month and includes a 2-week, no obligation free trial


How Does It Work?

The Marriage Builder helps you apply research driven insights about successful marriages through a convenient, structured dialogue with your partner.  The Marriage Builder takes you and your partner together through a three step cycle:

(1) The Marriage Builder helps you to assess your relationship against the factors that research has shown leads to happy and strong marriages. The Marriage Builder enables a focused conversation to agree together on one or two areas to focus on improving your relationship.  

(2) The Marriage Builder helps you identify together how you can improve in those areas, providing a starting list of actions you can take and video advice from a diverse range of marriage therapists about those actions.   You are also able to create your own custom action plan together.

(3) The Marriage Builder helps you track your progress and stay accountable together to actually take the actions you decide on to improve your marriage.  

Once you have completed this improvement cycle and made noticeable progress, you can start the process over to identify new areas to work on.  This allows you to continuously build a stronger marriage together.  You can flexibly use The Marriage Builder at your convenience and as frequently as you would like.  For some couples this might be weekly, for others once a month, and for others just a couple times a year.  That is up to you - because ultimately The Marriage Builder is about you and your spouse unlocking your own wisdom together, to find your own unique path to making your marriage happier and more fulfilling.  It is not only for couples with problems - but for anyone who wants to spend a bit of time each year adding a few more drops of water into their marriage well.

The Marriage Builder is not a one-size fits all program, but a flexible tool to help you focus on your unique needs & aspirations

The Marriage Builder can help you to better:

  • Improve communication & listening

  • Deepen your respect & empathy

  • Sustain a satisfying & passionate sexual relationship

  • Celebrate & enjoy each other

  • Manage finances & family responsibilities

  • Support each other’s aspirations & lives outside of your marriage

  • Stay healthy & have fun together

  • Pursue common interests & causes together 

The Marriage Builder is a wonderful tool for improving your marriage whether you already have a fantastic marriage that you just want to keep strong or if you know that you have problem areas and you need help addressing them. If you are looking for successful marriage tips, Marriage Builder offers even more - a step by step plan to build your successful marriage.

The Marriage Builder is an online application which means that you can fit in building your marriage at any time that works for you. Now you can’t say you are too busy, or you can’t find overlapping time. In fact, the ease of use of this online marriage tool makes it practically impossible to come up with any excuses not to improve communication in marriage!
— Scarlet Paolicchi, Family Focus
—  Scarlet Paolicchi, Family Focus BLOG