The Marriage Builder helps you build a stronger & happier marriage

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If you are married, there are few things in the world that can make your life happier or more challenging than your marriage.  Marriage can be hard work.  50% of marriages fail - and when they do, separation can be difficult.  On the other hand, research has shown that happily married couples tend to be wealthier, healthier, and recover from medical emergencies better than their single counterparts. The Marriage Builder is an online application that helps you build the strongest and happiest marriage you can.  The Marriage Builder allows you to assess together the strengths and challenges in your marriage, identify specific steps you can take to improve your marriage together, and then stay accountable together to ensure you make progress building a stronger & happier marriage.

How Does It Work?

The secret to The Marriage Builder is that it helps you apply insights about successful marriages through a rapid structured dialogue with your partner.  Then it helps you stay accountable together to actually take practical steps you decide on to improve your marriage.

The Marriage Builder Helps You Improve Your Marriage Success Factors

Like marriage counseling, The Marriage Builder enables a focused conversation about what is working in your marriage, where you have opportunities to grow stronger together, and what you can do about it.  Like marriage counseling, The Marriage Builder helps "hold the space" for your conversation, but its success depends on you doing the real work in your relationship.  This is not a quick fix solution - but an organized process for helping you align and focus your work together building your relationship.  

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The Marriage Builder Helps You Understand Actions You Can Take to Improve Your Marriage

The Marriage Builder allows you to access an ever-growing video library of marriage therapists and counselors providing advice on specific actions you and your partner can take to improve your marriage.

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Ultimately The Marriage Builder is about you and your spouse unlocking your own wisdom together, to find your own unique path to making your marriage work.  It is not only for couples with problems - but for anyone who wants to spend a bit of time each year thinking about how they should best add a few more drops of water into their marriage well.

The Marriage Builder is not a one-size fits all program, but a flexible tool to help you focus on your unique needs & aspirations

The Marriage Builder can help you to better:

  • Improve communication & listening

  • Deepen your respect & empathy

  • Celebrate & enjoy each other

  • Manage finances & family responsibilities

  • Support each other’s aspirations & lives outside of your marriage

  • Stay healthy & have fun together

  • Pursue common interests & causes together 

The Marriage Builder is a wonderful tool for improving your marriage whether you already have a fantastic marriage that you just want to keep strong or if you know that you have problem areas and you need help addressing them. If you are looking for successful marriage tips, Marriage Builder offers even more - a step by step plan to build your successful marriage.

The Marriage Builder is an online application which means that you can fit in building your marriage at any time that works for you. Now you can’t say you are too busy, or you can’t find overlapping time. In fact, the ease of use of this online marriage tool makes it practically impossible to come up with any excuses not to improve communication in marriage!
— Scarlet Paolicchi, Family Focus
—  Scarlet Paolicchi, Family Focus BLOG

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